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New Art Space for Exhibitions and Presentations of Beginning Artists Opens in Almaty

A new gallery opens its doors in the heart of the southern Capital. It is designed for exhibitions and presentations of beginning and experienced artists - the office space - EfesArt Space of Efes Kazakhstan that will be a multifunctional art platform.

Efes Kazakhstan plans to invite artists and talented art workers to participate in the exhibitions. In the future, everyone will be able to see the artists' works in this specially organized gallery.

Within the framework of the strategy for sustainable development of the social sphere Anadolu Efes Group has been supporting culture and art all over the world for more than 30 years and aims to increase its impact on the social sphere through inspiration, search for new opportunities and education of the society.

Efes Kazakhstan together with the Art&creative Solutions Public Foundation continued this initiative and organized a project that supports the culture of painting and offers a brand new art-experience.

The objective of the initiative is to support interesting ideas in the field of art, to remind the importance of preserving the cultural heritage and history of Kazakhstan.

The first nine paintings made by talented artists are presented today. Each painting is the embodiment of a unique view of centuries-old traditions, modern visions and interpretations.

“Four Kazakhstani contemporary artists have reimagined the corporate images of EFES KAZAKHSTAN and created special artworks. They are Arystan Shalbayev, Alyona Welar, Aruzhan Zhumabek and Zhanel Shahan. This project aims to create an identity for the company's office space and create a comfortable working atmosphere,” commented Olga Vesselova, a curator of the Art&creative Solutions Public Foundation.

“The idea to implement Efes Art Space is another way to motivate people to be proud of what is created and made in Kazakhstan. It is very important for us to continue the good tradition of bringing talented young people together. We plan to hold creative meetings, presentations, conferences, artist meetings and other events here. Supporting art as a part of Efes Kazakhstan's sustainable development strategy, we decided to give something special to the city, able to implement an initiative that admires and inspires creativity and creation,” comments Zeynep Erkan Alp, Director of Marketing Department.

The company will accept applications from artists to hold exhibitions since the opening of the space. According to the organizers, it will discover new talents in our country and become a great place where every artist can make themselves known, which. The exhibitions are open to all comers.

The Efes Art Space Award will be established to continue the connection of Efes Kazakhstan with art and creativity. The company plans to invite artists to the exhibitions and to use the office space with the purpose to display works of art during the year, and then the best exhibition will be chosen, and the prize will be awarded based on the vote of the professional jury. 

This experience of Efes Kazakhstan can become a great example for international companies to support artistic, musical and theatrical projects known only in narrow circles.