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Contribution to the economy

Efes Kazakhstan, FE JSC is one of the largest investors in the consumer goods sector. Since 1998, when it started its activities in Kazakhstan, Efes Beer Group has invested more than USD 278 million. We have 2 breweries in Karaganda and Bereke Village (Almaty Region), that produce 245 million liters of beer per year, and engage about 1,000 employees. As one of the largest investors in the real sector of Kazakhstan, Efes Kazakhstan has been a member of Council of Foreign Investors under President of Republic of Kazakhstan since 2014.

Efes Kazakhstan, FE JSC is the largest taxpayer in the alcoholic industry according to a special study published on website Over the last years, we have been paying taxes and making other payments to the state budget for about KZT 13 billion every year, and, particularly, for the last 4 years, the total amount of such payments was more than KZT 53 billion. In 2015, according to the results of campaign 'The Best Taxpayer', Almaty branch of EFES Kazakhstan, FE JSC was named by Almaty Region State Revenue Department the company that provides high rates of tax revenues, timely pays all taxes and fees, and performs all the duties of a taxpayer faithfully.